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overdue trip to the cardiologist. - Jenn's Ramblings
overdue trip to the cardiologist.
Well....good news...my edema isn't due to my heart. Surprise, it never was. I went to a new doctor in the city that actually gave me an echo in his office and said that my left heart function is still a little diminished but right function is fine. The right vent failure is what would cause edema, so now I've got to go to an internist to find out exactly what is causing it. Personally...I think I know what it is...and it has to do with the very large number present on the scale but I do have to be sure.

This dr. put me back on all my meds. Fosinopril, Coreg. I had run out of Coreg for a bit and he thinks that's what's caused my heart function to be less than what I thought it was. So back on the mind bending Coreg. fun.

I really need to get my health in order...seriously. Being heavy sucks.
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