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Jenn's Ramblings
Chelsea's 1 today! How fast this year has gone! {sigh} my love.

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I had a few of my girls over for dinner tonight and *I cooked*. I made chicken cordon bleu and fettuccini alfredo. I even surprised myself, everything was perfect!

We had such a nice time. Makes me want to do it more often. (even if I have to cook!)


I love my friends. =)

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I'm actually in control today....

I went the whole morning without eating like 3 snacks. I actually haven't had anything since breakfast. =)

I was trying to go until 12 to have my lunch, but now I'm going to 1. (it's 12:30 now)

I've been trying to get back on the ww program but I've been falling off every night at home. Mostly because I eat so many points during the day that I have a small dinner and then my night goes to hell.

Today I've got my day all planned out. If I can just get a few days under my belt where I do somewhat decent, I'll have the confidence to go on. It's just so discouraging lately because I know what to do, I know what works, I've done it perfectly in the past and now I just can't seem to grasp it.

I'm getting there though. I feel it.

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i'm sick of the role reversal.

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YAY!!! I got a stress echo done today....according to 2 of the cardiologists at LIJ, I have beat my ppcm. My heart has completely normalized with the execption of a mildly regurgitating valve.

BOO! They still can't explain the swelling and fatigue in my legs. Perhaps damage to my veins from the pregnancy. Said the next course of action would be dopplers done to my legs to check circulation.

YAY! At least it's not HEART related!

BOO! Checking out Travelocity's website and NCL's website, I found that NCL changed the itineary of my cruise in May. This sucks because we were supposed to goto Miami during the cruise and we were gonna stop to see Randy's aunt.

YAY! At least it's not HEART related!

I'm really excited because this puts me one step closer to having my life back sans all the meds and airheaddedness. Maybe one more year on meds, then one year after that, who knows. Maybe I'll get an ok from a dr to try for another bundle if we want to. (who knows what we'll want by then)

I'm actually in a GOOD mood! Who knew!?

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frickin strike. I HATE it.
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my bus is on strike.

tomorrow, everyone could be on strike.

I have to get a ride to the train station now. I wanted to get in early. =/ NOT HAPPENING.

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and Chelsea is standing next to me, maybe 3 feet away. I'm looking at her for a few seconds when it dawned on me that she was WALKING towards me in little steps.

Chelsea took her first steps unassisted tonight! I got her to do it a few more times to be sure too, I kept backing away from her and encouraging her. =)

My bean is getting so big way way too fast.

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OK, I'm going to attempt this whole cut thing so I don't blow up someone's friend page. =)

Click here for the pics! Collapse )

In other news, tomorrow is my company christmas party. Guess who didn't go to buy something to wear. I'm just so disgusted with my appearence that I just kept putting off buying something. Now I'll probably have to goto the avenue during lunch or before work tomorrow. I'm also going to try and get my hair blown out during lunch. That's going to be a whopping 60 bucks in the city. Not to mention I've got a busy day from hell in store for me too. Should be loads of fun.

I went today at lunch to buy Chelsea board books that have texture and whatnot to the pages. Those little buggers are expensive. Like 8 bucks for a small 10 page book because it's got fuzz for dog fur and stuff. Unreal.

I'm making headway with letting Chelsea "cry" when I put her down to bed. Sometimes after I give her a bottle and cuddle her for a bit, she wakes up and then starts wailing when I put her down and leave the room. I saw a technique on "supernanny" and decided to try it and I must say it works! Basically, she wails when I put her in her crib, I leave. I came out of her room initally at 9:42 tonight. I went in 4 minutes later or so, put her back down covered her up and said she had to goto sleep, stroked her face and walked out. She wailed again, and I let her go. By 9:51pm, the crying had stopped and she was lying down in her crib asleep. This is only the 3rd night I had to do it. (not consecutively, most of the time she drifts right off) I'm really proud and happy that she's learning to soothe herself to sleep. It's so important. =)

Well, I'm off to take my meds and goto bed....I'm going to actually be asleep before midnight!
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Well, christmas shopping is coming along nicely. =) Randy and I suck at gifts because we can’t hold on to them. I’ve gotten like ½ my gifts and so has he. It’s awful. It’s like our Christmas is the month of December. Horrible. I do have a few surprises up my sleeve for him, and I’m getting them delivered ground so I won’t have them for another week. (perhaps less of a chance I’ll give them to him early.) I’ve also got some stuff under my desk at work. Thank god I’m just too lazy to bring them home, or he’d have them too.

Girls at work have introduced me to AOL Radio. They have some good stuff, along with a lot of the XM stations. Not bad for FREE. My aol is included in my Time Warner Roadrunner cost. (no additional cost) Pretty damn cool. They have alternative, new wave, british pop. They also have artist specific stations, like an all RAMONES, and all PEARL JAM AND an all CURE! They’ve really got something for everyone. I love it. =)

This weekend I shopped a bit with Karen and Juliette, went out to see a friend on the Island with mom and Chelsea. All and all it was a very nice weekend.

In Chelsea news, she now tries to brush her teeth with this rubber gum and tooth massager we got her. I “brush” her teeth with a wet facecloth and then bring her in the bathroom to brush her teeth with mommy now. She puts the thing in her mouth, chews it, moves it around her mouth with a huge grin on her face. She’s brushing her teeth with her mommy and she loves it. It’s too funny. She drools everywhere.

Well, I’m back to work...

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princess didn't sleep again last night. I'm like a frickin zombie. 1-4 she was up. =( Damn teeth.

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who doesn't update her website anymore with Chelsea's pics, barely puts them on here....dialnfornicole puts me to shame with the baby pride! Anyhow....Here are some pics from the past week or so, including her Christmas portraits. (I spend way too much $$$ on pics I should just take myself....awful.)

So there you have it, November in a nutshell. In other Chelsea news, she cut her 5th tooth (3rd bottom) today. She also got her ears pierced again today but the guy messed her up! She had her ears pierced before and we let them close because we had changed her earrings and she kept pulling them out. She still has the remnants of her original holes. Randy went to this jeweler and got them repierced, he told the guy to put them in the original holes. Well, he missed one and now one of her ears had an earring practically right next to her cheek and not even really on her earlobe. I was so pissed off. Randy's taking her back tomorrow. My poor pin cushion. It's not easy being her. Also, this past weekend, she stood by herself for like 5 minutes and has been letting go of things more and more. My bean could be walking by Christmas.

Not too much otherwise is going on. Work has been hectic and really stressful. I have to reschedule a stress echo and I have to make an appt with my general practioner. I have a bit of a ball/lump in my cheek right along my lower jaw. If it isn't one thing it's another. {sigh}

Well, I'm off to xpost this on myspace, take my meds and hit the sack. =/ I'm beat!

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Just a short update....

She's like THIS close to walking and I'm so excited. She stands holding on with one hand now, even onto her push thing, one hand. She can stand for a few seconds without holding on at all before she falls. She just amazes me every day.

She's also waving bye bye, doing "so big" and babbling like mad. =) She's got 4 teeth total now so she's got a toothy grin and it's adorable. =) She's also feeding herself finger foods and will eat almost anything.

My big girl. It's going by so fast. =/

I'm done. =)

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Read this..

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We got them taken today at Kiddie Kandids at BRU.....

My angelface....
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right now I'm having a serious dislike for the hubby.

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I thought she had a faint rash a few days ago, then it seem to go away. Yesterday morning, she had some small faint blotches on her hands but during the day apparently the rash exploded. Exploded so much that Randy called the pedi to be told "yup, that's the rash". We were told to stop giving her the antibiotic and wait for it to clear up. I checked her out last night while she slept, (I worked late) and it's AWFUL. I'm glad it's not bothering her at all but it looks terrible. Looks like she's missing another week of gymboree. =( Now we'll have to make up 4 classes. {sigh}

In other news, they moved my desk at work 2 seats up. The desk is a bit bigger so that should boost my productivity because I can now fit more on my desk. Yeah, ok.

Anyhow, I've got to get going. Need to finish my lunch and take care of a minute reader who arrived early.

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I have a pic and a 14mb 1 minute video of Chelsea. =)

Pic..from this morning...she's got her blankie and she's ready to go out into the cold. =)

The 14MB Video. Shouldn't take long on broadband.


Yes this is my life and all I do.
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i'm so grossed out and skeeved right now it's not even funny.

I'm sitting here reading the news when Randy comes up from behind me, pats my shoulder and goes "don't look at the wall." Stupid ass, that's like saying "whatever you do, don't look down." or "don't press that big red button!". So I immediately look up at the wall and what do I see. My nemesis of the cool damp weather....a SLUG slithering up my wall. For anyone who knows me knows me knows I will hop, run, even walk in the street to avoid these nasty suckers. When I lived in the basement, I'd have to dodge a slew of them in the driveway and on the stairs leading to my apartment. Not once though did I ever see one in the house. Now that I'm on the 1st floor, there was one in my bedroom of all places?!?!?! YUCK.

My stomach is turning. So gross.

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Chelsea has been with a fever for a few days, we've been treating it with baby tylenol to no avail. I brought her to the peditrician today to find out not only does she have an ear infection but a throat infection as well, and her fever was a hot 101.9. My poor bean. She got amoxicillian though. For those of you that might have had a sickly childhood like I did...that's BUBBLEGUM MEDICINE! She didn't like it as much as I did though...she actually hated it. I'm just hoping this whole illness goes away FAST! I feel like an awful mommy for not thinking to look down her throat or something.
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Chelsea has been sick with from what I've noticed is her first cold. She's now got a fever of 101. We've been giving her baby tylenol and it didn't seem to be helping. We called her dr and she said to give her 1.5X the dose. The last dose I gave her was at 8 and that was just one dose, becuase it was before we spoke to the dr.

She had been whining on and off throughout the night. She sort of woke up at 3 whining a bit. I went in there, she was pretty much back to sleep but hot. I basically woke her up(!) to give her her medicine, change her diaper and check her temp. I then took her back to bed with me, which is something I never do as I'm against her sleeping in our bed. As a matter of fact, when Randy does it, I scold him. lol...

WELL....She was in my bed with me for an hour. She seemed to have cooled off a bit but she couldn't get to sleep for anything. She was tossing and turning and whining. I finally got the message and put her back in her crib. I laid her down, she smiled, rolled over and went to sleep.

{sigh} =)

I guess all that anti co-sleeping did me and her some good. She doesn't even WANT to sleep here. =) Fine by me.

I'm going back to bed.

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She cut her 3rd tooth Sunday! =) Finally one on the top!
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see you in a bit. =)
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Jubliant that my day here is almost over.

I get to go home to Randy and Chelsea! =)


I'll be packing probably till about midnight for the second night in a row.

{sigh} I can't wait till this is all over!

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I'm soo aggrevated it's not even funny. More to come when I can elaborate. =/

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I'm moving upstairs this upcomming weekend and I don't have a single box and like NOTHING done. Well, we did shop a little bit but I've packed nothing. This is going to be the move from hell. I can see it now. Hopefully it'll be worth it in the end.

I'm just getting so stressed about it right now and I've got to go to work the rest of the week, and basically can't do anything till 9pm every night after the baby goes to bed. How the hell am I going to get everything done?

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I'll slap a few from more recent in a few.....
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baby got up at 4 thinking it was 7. got her to bed, got up at 8.

soo tired. miserable. tired.
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my stomach is still bothering me. I feel nauseous and like I have indigestion like all the time this week.

i had a bit of a meltdown last night while talking to Randy. I've got alot on my mind and alot of issues with myself and where I am right now.

I'm going to leave it at that till I start to really mull though my issues and pick them off one by one. =/

In other news, my beautiful baby girl has some videos. She's learned to clap her hands and she LOVES chocolate ice! =)




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