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Well... - Jenn's Ramblings
Happy 4th!

Today is like no other as far as what I'm up to. Chelsea is with her dad, I am home, right now archiving old journal entries. I'll be cleaning and sending out resumes this weekend. Really trying to get things in order.

Weight Watchers has been going really really well. Found an awesome meeting on the UWS. This leader Diane is incredible. She's kept her weight off for 38 years and seems to know the program inside out. She's motivating and inspiring!

As of my last weigh in, I'm down 23.2. I had my first weigh in at the end of March but didn't really follow the program and didn't go back for a few weeks. When I did go back in the first week of May, I was up 5lbs. From that weight, I'm down 28.2 from 5/5/09. Either total is fine with me, really. It's still less that what I was and I'm still working the program!

I'm feeling kind of down in the dumps today for all sorts of reasons but I'm trying to remain positive. I've got alot to get done this weekend.
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