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scary night but good day. - Jenn's Ramblings
scary night but good day.
ugh...where to begin.

I've had bronchitis for about a week, got my antibiotic the other day and have been taking it. I'm still short of breath but it's not the SAME wheezing short of breath that comes with bronchitis, its that old familiar sob that comes with chf.

I've had no shortness of breath due to my chf in ages. I've been good with taking my water pill, but what I haven't been doing is watching what I've been eating. I've been pretty bad.

So last night, I wake with this gurgling wheeze....I knew I didn't take my water pill since tuesday morning, and well I ate like a pig tuesday, tuesday night, wednesday afternoon...etc.

I sit up, catch my breath, check my legs (edema), and it's pretty bad, nothing I haven't seen before but bad. This gurgling wheeze was something COMPLETELY new though. All the time I had the cardiomyopathy while pregnant, and the chf while recovering from my c-section and ppcm, my lungs NEVER had fluid in them. I was coughing water and I was terrified. So rather than couple an anxiety attack along with my sob and my gurgle...I took my water pills, doubled up because i missed a dose, went and laid on the couch recliner with my head elevated so I could breathe, and waited to have to pee every 30 minutes..which started about an hour after i took the pills. (FUN NIGHT).

So after about 2 hours of solid sleep and a bagillion trips to the potty,I wake and my edema is much better, and my gurgle...is pretty much gone. Scared the crap out of me...but it's a reality check. Stop eating like a pig, and make a fucking cardiologist appointment dammit.

I hate ailments. :(

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