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Eh... - Jenn's Ramblings
Breakfast was awful, went completely off this morning...but lunch was better, and I'm doing my best to not go out for a piece of chocolate. (I have a justified "need", but I'm trying not to eat emotionally)

Dinnner, mom set up a slow cooker chicken, I can manage myself with that, because I'm not uber crazy about it. Last night, I went way overboard with everything...and just figured I'd start again today. {sigh} I've got to get back into my ww groove. I'm not meant to be this big. 

I spoke with Sheri last night...she's only been gone a few weeks and I miss her so much. :(  Sucks!  She really knows how to help me screw my head on straight when I'm a bit off kilter, and yesterday...I was way off kilter. Totally not myself. :( Thankfully today is better.
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